The Best Argentinian empanadas in Barcelona are the ones in Bar el Born.

Because they’re homemade, because they’re Argentinian and because we’ve been doing them for over 20 years, that’s why they are the best empanadas in Barcelona!

At Bar el Born you will find a selection of Argentinian homemade empanadas and also the perfect place to enjoy them with a glass of vermouth or wine, even Malbec grape wine for the more melancholic Argentinians. Empanadas are stuffed with meat, chicken, tuna, spinach, blue cheese with celery, tomato with cheese and basil; and a vegan option you should definitely try!

The empanadas’ fillings are cooked slowly and their closing design is done by master hands with years of experience. Since empanadas are homemade, not industrial, they have quality ingredients and no two are identical, which makes them the best empanadas in Barcelona! Empanadas at Bar el Born have always been a bet seller. Come try them and let us know what you think!