One of the best coffee shops in el Born


The Argentinian bar in Barcelona

Bar el Born, the Argentinian bar in Barcelona

Its founder is from Argentina and that made it, from the beginning, more than 10 years ago, a bar very frequented by Argentines. Many affectionately nicknamed it the Argentine bar in Barcelona.

It is undoubtedly a unique place and bar, in the heart of the Born neighborhood where a lot of history joins, great minds of Spanish culture such as Joan Manuel Serrat have passed through as well as being a point of reference for newly arrived Argentines and where they found in Bar el Born a wonderful starting point and meeting point.

The miga sandwiches, fernet cola, the facturas (Argentine croissants) and the carrotcake with dulce de leche, undoubtedly make it the Argentinian bar and cafeteria in Barcelona.

Oh, and when you come ask for a Malbec wine to make you feel at home (Argentina) ☺



The Best Cocktails in Barcelona

Looking for the best cocktails in Barcelona?

In Bar el Born you will find them! Besides being among the best cocktail bars in Barcelona, Bar el Born is characterized by its affordable prices and therefore the place where you can find excellent cheap cocktails in Barcelona.

From our unique Bar el Born style Espresso cocktail, to our smoked Negroni (be careful if you order one, everyone in the room will order one after you) to our signature cocktail menu prepared by expert mixologists; In Bar el Born you will find a varied and fun menu in a unique and authentic environment.

Come and tell us whether or not it is the best place to have cocktails in Barcelona ...


Best bar in El Born Neighborhood

The most repeated comment by our clients, Bar el Born is the best bar in el Born neighborhood.

All of our clients’ comments give us joy, because they are part of our family! But when they tell us that Bar el Born is the best bar in Born, it makes us extra extra happy. Bar el Born opened its doors more than 10 years ago when the neighborhood was not yet what it is today and the options of bars in El Born was limited.

There are many bars in El Born, but the magic of Bar el Born is that it maintains its essence and authenticity. It is the authentic bar of Barcelona, with its marble bar that formerly served to display cod, you can still see photographs in the premises of its former owners when they sold preserves, typical of the time.

It is the bar in the Born where music, good vibes and drinks come together with art and culture. It has always been the reference bar of the neighborhood and its people. We thank you for having made us the best Bar in Born 😃.


Best Argentinian Empanadas in Barcelona

The Best Argentinian empanadas in Barcelona are the ones in Bar el Born.

Because they’re homemade, because they’re Argentinian and because we’ve been doing them for over 20 years, that’s why they are the best empanadas in Barcelona!

At Bar el Born you will find a selection of Argentinian homemade empanadas and also the perfect place to enjoy them with a glass of vermouth or wine, even Malbec grape wine for the more melancholic Argentinians. Empanadas are stuffed with meat, chicken, tuna, spinach, blue cheese with celery, tomato with cheese and basil; and a vegan option you should definitely try!

The empanadas’ fillings are cooked slowly and their closing design is done by master hands with years of experience. Since empanadas are homemade, not industrial, they have quality ingredients and no two are identical, which makes them the best empanadas in Barcelona! Empanadas at Bar el Born have always been a bet seller. Come try them and let us know what you think!


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