Bar el Born, the Argentinian bar in Barcelona

Its founder is from Argentina and that made it, from the beginning, more than 10 years ago, a bar very frequented by Argentines. Many affectionately nicknamed it the Argentine bar in Barcelona.

It is undoubtedly a unique place and bar, in the heart of the Born neighborhood where a lot of history joins, great minds of Spanish culture such as Joan Manuel Serrat have passed through as well as being a point of reference for newly arrived Argentines and where they found in Bar el Born a wonderful starting point and meeting point.

The miga sandwiches, fernet cola, the facturas (Argentine croissants) and the carrotcake with dulce de leche, undoubtedly make it the Argentinian bar and cafeteria in Barcelona.

Oh, and when you come ask for a Malbec wine to make you feel at home (Argentina) ☺